The Electronic Studio Basel, as part of the Hoschule für Musik FHNW, offers Bachelor and Master studies in Audio Design.

The Audio Design studies are focused on electronic and electro-acoustic music in a contemporary artistic context. By being introduced to many different practices of composition, performance, and production of electronic music, our students are given the skills and knowledge to work in a variety of interesting fields. Our multiple studios are equipped with a diverse range of music technology (from state-of-the-art mastering tools to historical synthesisers and multichannel studio settings), that inspires and encourages our students to do a lot of practice-based work. With a strong emphasis on the rich historical and theoretical background of electronic music, our students acquire a strong technical foundation in the fields of audio technology and music programming. Students of the Electronic Studio are also given opportunities to perform and train in classical music to develop a high level of musicianship benefitting their future professional work.

The following non-degree courses are offered by the ESB
Programming (MAX MSP, Supercollider etc.): Volker Böhm, Cedric Spindler
Aesthetics and technique of electronic music: Svetlana Maraš
Performance with live electronics: José Navarro
SoundArt/Klangkunst: Svetlana Maraš
Introduction to recording techniques: Małgorzata Albińska-Frank
Introduction to Electronic Music: Svetlana Maraš

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