Prof. Volker Böhm, Audio Design, co-director ESB
Prof. Christian Dierstein, Percussion
Prof. Fred Frith, Improvisation
Prof. Moritz Heffter, Music Theorie
Prof. Jürg Henneberger, Contemporary Music
Prof. Johannes Kreidler, Composition
Dr. des. Anne-May Krüger, Interdisciplinary Acts
Prof. Gerhard Luchterhandt, Music Theory
Prof. Svetlana Maraš, Creative Music Technology, co-director ESB
Prof. Andrea Neumann, Improvisation
Prof. Michel Roth, Composition/Music Theory
Prof. Mike Svoboda, Contemporary Music/Trombone
Prof. Caspar Johannes Walter, Composition
Prof. Marcus Weiss, Contemporary Music/Saxophone
Prof. Qiming Yuan, Music Theory
Prof. Alfred Zimmerlin, Improvisation

Co-director Electronic Studio Basel
Lecturer, Audio Design

Lecturer, Percussion

Lecturer, Music Theory

Lecturer, Contemporary Music; Leader of the DIAGONAL ensemble

Lecturer, Composition and Music Theory

lecturer, music theory

Co-director Electronic Studio Basel
Lecturer, Creative Music Technology

Lecturer, improvisation / open creative processes

Lecturer, Composition and Music Theory, Analysis and Composition
Member of the Research Department, specialising in New Music instruments
publications (open source)

Lecturer, Contemporary Music and Trombone

Lecturer, Composition

Lecturer, Saxophone and Contemporary Music

Lecturer, Music Theory

Lecturer, improvisation / open creative processes

Lecturer, Improvisation

*20.11.1961  †14.9.2019

Founding member of sonic space basel, composer,  former director of the Electronic Studio Basel


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